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By Allison Steel

Title Year Type Files First line
Boast Ye Not 8s & 7s -2–21 Folk hymn + refrain pdf
Northampton 8s -2–21 Fuging tune pdf Come let the fair and blooming youth
Jackson 2021 pdf
Old Chatham 7s & 6s -4–22 Folk hymn + refrain pdf
Read -1–22 Fuging tune pdf
Stand By Me 2021 Folk hymn + refrain pdf
The Old Graveyard 8s 2022 pdf O Stranger look as you pass by
The Hurricane C.M. 2021 Plain tune pdf
Phillis Wheatley Peters 10s 2022 pdf Text is made of various lines from the poem
Trav’ling to the Grave C.M. 2019 Folk hymn + refrain pdf
Holbrook C.M. -16–22 Fuging tune pdf
Night Song L.M. -13–22 Fuging tune pdf
Leyden 8,8,8,6 2022 pdf
Boundless Deeps 8,8,6 -1–22 pdf
Aaron Bowers New 2021 Plain tune pdf
Occam New 8,8,6 -10–21 Folk hymn pdf