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By Calum Woods

Title Year Type Files First line
Little River 11s 2017–18 Plain tune pdf Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song,
The Voice of my Beloved 11s & 8s 2018 Plain tune pdf Love sits on his eyelids and scatters delight
Ascension L.M. 2017 Fuging tune pdf Lord, when Thou didst ascend on high,
High Flatts 8,6,8,8,6 2016 Fuging tune pdf Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Sheffield 10s 2015–16 Fuging tune pdf Awake, my harp, my lute and cheerful voice,
Ich Sterbe T├Ąglich 9s & 8s 2015 Plain tune pdf Ich sterbe täglich, und mein Leben
Joys and Sorrows 7s & 6s 2016 Folk hymn pdf Mixtures of joy and sorrow
Kilburn 8,8,6 2015–16 Plain tune pdf Come on, my partners in distress
Cumber C.M. 2015 Fuging tune pdf On willows, near to Babel's flood
Evening Prayer L.M. 2015 Plain tune pdf Jesus, to thee an evening song
Trowse C.M. 2014 Fuging tune pdf Lo! what an entertaining sight
Atkinson C.M. 2014 Plain tune pdf Father, I stretch my hands to thee
Sweet Accord C.M. 2015 Fuging tune pdf Jesus, I sing the matchless grace


I began singing Sacred Harp in Yorkshire at the age of 15. I travel to singings as much as I can around Europe and the US, as well the various local singings around Yorkshire. I sometimes teach singing schools and workshops, and I love to write music.
I am interested in various shape-note traditions, in particular Harmonia Sacra and Christian Harmony singing. My favourite composers include Amzi and Lucius Chapin, James Carrell, Daniel Read, E.J. King and O.A. Parris. I have no formal musical training but I owe a lot to the advice and encouragement of my singing friends, especially Michael Walker, Aldo Ceresa, Jesse Karlsberg, Fynn Titford-Mock and Henry Johnson.

I always aim to create music that is simple and devotional in character, true to the shape-note idiom, and above all, enjoyable to sing. I welcome any feedback you may have and you can contact me at