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Take Salvation 8s & 7s

By Fynn Titford-Mock

A major
Camp meeting tune
Time signature
Albert Midlane, 1860


Arrangement of William Owen's tune better known in it's minor form as Bryn Calfaria. Thanks to Nicholas Markwell from the London Sacred Harp group for suggesting this arrangement.

Technically I'm classifying this as a camp-meeting tune because of the recurring chorus, even though these words and tune were probably never originally intended for a camp-meeting context.


Hark! the voice of Jesus calling -
"Come, ye laden, come to me;
I have rest and peace to offer,
Rest, thou lab'ring one, for thee;"

"Take salvation,
Take it now and happy be!"

Yes, though high in heav'nly glory,
Still the Saviour calls to thee,
Faith can hear his gracious accents -
"Come, ye laden, come to me;"

Take salvation, etc.

Soon that voice will cease its calling,
Now it speaks, and speaks to thee;
Sinner, heed the gracious message -
To the blood for refuge flee;

Take salvation, etc.

Life is found alone in Jesus,
Only there 'tis offered thee -
Offered without price or money,
'Tis the gift of God, sent free;

Take salvation, etc.