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By Gregory Mulkern

Title Year Type Files First line
Alton P.M. 2010 Folk hymn pdf Praise the Lord of Earth and Heav'n!
Age of Gold C.M.D. 2008 Camp meeting tune pdf 1 LORD send thy word and let it fly
Linnemann 11s 2009 Folk hymn pdf 1 “DO this” and remember the blood that was shed
Chapel Street L.M. 2009 Set piece pdf Give ear to me ye sons of men.
Newbury L.M. 2009 Fuging tune pdf Jehovah reigns; he reigns in light,
Alarming P.M. 2007 Camp meeting tune pdf 1 HEAR O sinner mercy hails you
Morrison L.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Sweet is the work my God, my king,


Gregory Mulkern learned most of what he knows about shape note music from traveling throughout the Northeast, and from his comradeship with Aldo Thomas Ceresa, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, and many others. His efforts as a composer owe everything to his conversations with Northeastern composers, a certain familiarity with Old Time banjo music and balladry, and of course the constant study of social music found in the Sacred Harp. It’s also very important for him that each part be enjoyable to sing, and feedback from singers has been tremendously helpful. Jeremiah Ingalls’ “Christian Harmony” and to a modest degree Supply Belcher’s “Harmony Of Maine” have influenced his composition as well.

Gregory currently lives in Portland OR, having relocated from Brooklyn, NY. He is pleased to be teaching singing schools and organizing/participating in New Composition Singings out West.