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Rutherfordton 11s

By Jesse P. Karlsberg

G major
Folk hymn
Time signature
Caleb Jarvis Taylor, 1803


I wrote the tune and bass to this song on February 25, 2013 as one of a small handful of sketches while working out a tune in 11s named "Carrollton." I returned to this melody in the winter of 2014, composed treble and alto parts on December 23, and set it to Caleb Jarvis Taylor's hymn "O Jesus My Savior" on the same day. I named this tune for Rutherfordton, North Carolina, site of an annual Christian Harmony singing at St. John's Church.


O Jesus, my Savior, I know thou art mine,
For thee all the pleasures of sin I resign;
Of objects most pleasing, I love thee the best,
Without thee I'm wretched, but with thee I'm blest.

Thy Spirit first taught me to know I was blind,
Then taught me the way of salvation to find;
And when I was sinking in gloomy despair,
Thy mercy relieved me, and bid me not fear.

In vain I attempt to describe what I feel,
The language of mortals or angels would fail;
My Jesus is precious, my soul's in a flame,
I'm raised to a rapture while praising his name.