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By Julian Damashek

Title Year Type Files First line
Hudson Valley C.M.D. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Awake, my soul, to meet the day;
Cloverdale L.M. 2011 Plain tune pdf My God, in whom are all the springs
Monterey C.M. 2011 Fuging tune pdf Tempests arise when God appoints,
Moab L.M. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Look how the pow'rs of nature mourn!
Castro L.M. 2011 Plain tune pdf My savior! can it ever be,
San Pedro L.M. 2011 Plain tune pdf Ye mourning souls, lift up your eyes
God of Might L.M. 2010 Plain tune pdf Jehovah is a God of might,
Bala Cynwyd 7s 2010 Fuging tune pdf Lord, on Thee our souls depend;
Dormant L.M. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Sleep, downy sleep, come close my eyes,


I first started going to Sacred Harp singings in Northampton MA, in early 2008, thanks to prodding and cajoling by Deidra Montgomery. I started writing tunes in late 2009 and got some intense tutoring from Deidra, Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Lauren Bock, Aldo Ceresa, and Allison Schofield, among others.

I now live in San Francisco and am active in the Bay Area Sacred Harp scene.

I am also open and welcoming to feedback, suggestions, and any other comments about my tunes, so don’t hesitate to email: juliandamashek AT gmail DOT com.