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By Lauren Bock

Title Year Type Files First line
Pembroke C.P.M. 2010 Plain tune pdf Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing,
Nassau C.M.D. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Ye weary, heavy-laden souls
Niskayuna C.M.D. 2009 Plain tune pdf Joy to the world the Lord is come
Rays of Hope L.M. 2009 Plain tune pdf In times of grief, in gloom of night,
McSpadden 8,8,8,6 2009 Fuging tune pdf While traveling through this mortal world
Showers of Grace C.M.D. 2009 Fuging tune pdf Let not the springs of holiness
Sovereign Grace C.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf A thousand ways, a thousand times,