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Open Door 8,8,6

By William Cleary

G minor
Plain tune
Time signature
James Relly, 1776


The Builder, whom true Wisdom sways,
First, the Foundation deeply lays;
Prepar'd against each Shock:
Our Builder, sure of his own Plan,
Founded us deeply in the Man,
On God, th' eternal Rock.

Christ, in this Building is the Door;
And always open to the Poor,
Who would approach their God:
Nor, tho' they're naked, need they fear;
For Christ is yea; boldly draw near,
And plead redeeming Blood.

As Windows, rang'd, admit the Light
To chase the Horrors of the Night,
Enlightning every Part:
So, in our Saviour's lovely Face,
The Godhead shines in Love and Grace,
To cheer the human Heart.

The Stone the Builders did refuse,
Which human Wisdom ne'er will choose,
Is here the Head-stone seen:
Brought forth with Joy to make all fast;
Christ is the first Stone and the last;
The Church is safe between.