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Gramercy C.M.D.

By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

C minor
Folk hymn
Time signature
Multiple modes of time
John Dobell, 1806

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Named for the Gramercy neighborhood in Manhattan, where Art Mob rehearsals and meetings are usually held.


Sinner, behold that downward road
Which leads to endless woe;
What multitudes of thoughtless souls,
The road to ruin go!

But yonder see that narrow way
Which leads to endless bliss;
There see a happy, chosen few,
Redeem'd by sov'reign grace.

They from destruction's city came,
To Zion upward tend;
The Bible is their precious guide,
And God himself their friend.

Lord, I would now a pilgrim be;
Guide thou my feet aright;
I would not for ten thousand worlds
Be banish'd from thy sight.

Thou, who didst form the rolling spheres,
And stretch the boundless skies,
O dissipate our gloomy fears,
When doubts and darkness rise.

O may I breathe that heav'nly air,
And feast on joys divine,
And sing and praise my Saviour there,
And in his image shine.