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By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

Title Year Type Files First line
Covered Bridge C.M.D. 2015 Folk hymn pdf Save me, O God, the swelling floods
Alford Lake P.M. 2015 Plain tune pdf My God, permit me not to be

Relly’s Farewell C.M. 2015 Plain tune pdf Farewell, vain world, from thee I cease,
Edwards P.M. 2014 Folk hymn pdf When shall we all meet again—
Henry C.M. 2014 Plain tune pdf Lord, when together here we meet,
Connexion P.M. 2014 Folk hymn pdf The great God of Love hath shined from above,
Winter Vale C.M. 2014 Plain tune pdf Stern winter throws his icy chains,
Jefferson and Liberty L.M.D. 2013 Folk hymn pdf The gloomy night before us lies;
Woodard L.M. 2012–13 Folk hymn pdf Majestic God our muse inspire,
Out of the Deeps C.M. 2013 Anthem/Ode pdf Out of the deeps of long distress,
Mansfield L.M. 2012–13 Plain tune pdf Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows,
Monticello C.M. 2012–13 Folk hymn pdf I love to steal awhile away
Newtown 7s 2012 Plain tune pdf Lord, we come before Thee now;
New York S.P.M. 2011–12 Fuging tune pdf When men of mischief rise
Laurieston Hall C.M. 2012–13 Fuging tune pdf Let Angels sound with endless joy
Red Hook 6,6,9 2012 Folk hymn pdf Come away to the skies. My beloved, arise,
Warsaw P.M. 2012 Fuging tune pdf Come, let us join with one accord;
Walpole Town Hall L.M. 2011–12 Plain tune pdf This life’s a dream, an empty show;
Penobscot 11s 2012–13 Folk hymn pdf O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave,
Occom C.P.M. 2012 Folk hymn pdf Awak'd by Sinai’s awful sound,
Neasden Lane S.M. 2012 Plain tune pdf How beauteous are their feet
Sullivan’s Island 7s & 8s 2012 Folk hymn pdf Soldier, go—but not to claim
Bethlehem 7s 2012 Folk hymn pdf Sons of men, behold from far;
Green-Wood P.M. 2010–12 Set piece pdf My life's a shade,
Steele C.M. 2011 Plain tune pdf Life is a span—a fleeting hour—
York L.M. 2011 Fuging tune pdf While sounds of war are heard around,
Goodshaw C.M. 2011 Plain tune pdf Great God, to thee my grateful tongue
Carroll Gardens C.M.D. 2010–12 Fuging tune pdf Come, let us join our friends above,
Willesden C.M. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Those happy realms of joy and peace
Round Lake P.M. 2010 Folk hymn pdf The Christian race is now begun,
Candler Park H.M. 2010 Fuging tune pdf Ye boundless realms of joy,
Edgewood C.M. 2010 Fuging tune pdf The cross of Christ inspires my heart,
Laurel Hill S.M. 2009–10 Fuging tune pdf And am I born to die?
Mulkern L.M. 2009 Fuging tune pdf Awake, my tongue, thy tribute bring
Elland C.M.D. 2009 Fuging tune pdf When I can read my title clear
Grand Ferry C.M. 2009 Fuging tune pdf Sweet rivers of redeeming love
Fawcett 8s & 7s 2009 Folk hymn pdf Humble souls, who seek salvation
Wicker Park C.M. 2009 Plain tune pdf O land of rest, for thee I sigh,
Williamsburg C.M.D. 2009 Fuging tune pdf Behold, on Zion's heav'nly shore,
Celesteon S.M.D. 2007 Fuging tune pdf Let ev’ry creature join
Christiana C.M.D. 2008–09 Folk hymn pdf The race that long in darkness pined
Halsey L.M. 2006–07 Set piece pdf Death, like an overflowing stream,
Brevis S.M.D. 2007–09 Fuging tune pdf Our days are as the grass,
Manhattan C.M. 2008–12 Plain tune pdf Too many, Lord, abuse Thy grace
Harmon L.M. 2007 Plain tune pdf When Jesus wept, a falling tear
Olinville Avenue S.M. 2007 Fuging tune pdf Come, we that love the Lord,
Potomac C.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Must friends and kindred droop and die,
Cross Keys L.M. 2006–13 Plain tune pdf O sinner, why so thoughtless grown?
Little Noel 7s 2006 Folk hymn pdf Hail, all hail the joyful morn!
Plummer 11s 2007 Folk hymn pdf What seraph-like music falls sweet on my ear
Stanton 8s & 7s 2007 Folk hymn pdf Brother, rest from sin and sorrow!
Sylvester L.M. 2007 Folk hymn pdf O come, Creator Spirit blest,
Oneida 8s & 7s 2007 Camp meeting tune pdf Let me go where saints are going,
Hopestill C.M.D. 2007 Fuging tune pdf My span of life will soon be gone,
Albina 7s 2007 Camp meeting tune pdf Children of the heav'nly King,
Hillman L.M. 2007 Camp meeting tune pdf We're trav'ling home to heav'n above,
Voorheesville C.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Lord, shall the wicked still deride
Chattahoochee C.M.D. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Firmly I stand on Zion's hill,
Carrollton C.M. 2008–13 Fuging tune pdf O could I soar to worlds above,
Moreno L.M. 2008–13 Camp meeting tune pdf Farewell dear brethren of the Lord,
North Jersey 8s & 7s 2008 Camp meeting tune pdf See the leaves around ye falling,
North Fourth S.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Blest are the sons of peace,
Gramercy C.M.D. 2008–13 Folk hymn pdf Sinner, behold that downward road
Joy 8s & 7s 2008 Camp meeting tune pdf Hark! what mean those holy voices,
Karlsberg C.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Come, Lord and warm each languid heart,
Walker C.M.D. 2008 Anthem/Ode pdf Jerusalem, my happy home,
Banker Street C.M. 2008 Fuging tune pdf Before the rosy dawn of day,
Phelps 12s & 11s 2008–12 Folk hymn pdf The Spirit of God like a fire is burning;
Greenpoint C.M. 2008–09 Fuging tune pdf When brighter suns and milder skies


A dedicated singer and student of the Sacred Harp tradition, Aldo has been writing music in the style of The Sacred Harp since 2005. Among his greatest influences are the works of Daniel Read, Jeremiah Ingalls, William Walker, J.P. & H.S. Reese, O.A. Parris, A.M. Cagle, and the Denson family. He has also benefited from the instruction of such Sacred Harp composers as Raymond Hamrick, Judy Hauff, and P. Dan Brittain; as well as the ongoing dialogue that he has shared with other contemporary shape note tunewriters, including Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Greg Mulkern, Robert KelleyFynn Titford-Mock, Ian Quinn, Michael Walker, and others.

Since 2006, Aldo has been active in his efforts to foster greater community among contemporary tunesmiths; and has organized and participated in “Composium” Shape Note Tunewriting Workshops in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois and Alabama. In addition, Aldo has taught singing schools across the U.S. and the U.K., as well as in Ireland, Germany, Poland, France and the Czech Republic. He has also led Sacred Harp tunewriting workshops at Camp Fasola since 2009; and was the guest composer at the Strathmore Center for the Arts Sacred Harp Singing Workshop in April, 2007. His compositions have been published in several shape note songbooks, including: Northern Harmony, fifth edition (2012); The Sacred Harp, revised Cooper edition (2012); and Shenandoah Harmony (2013); as well as in several issues of The Trumpet (2011-2015), a periodical devoted to new music in The Sacred Harp idiom. His tune Edgewood was recorded by Northern Harmony, and appears on the Treasures of Grace album (2014). Northern Harmony have also performed several other songs by Aldo, including Green-Wood, which they included in their 2016 European Tour program, and which they sang on GDS TV in the Republic of Georgia. Aldo’s tunes are also regularly performed by The Art Mob, an a cappella ensemble in New York City.

Feedback is always welcome. Please contact Aldo directly if you have any comments or questions about his tunes.