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New York S.P.M.

By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

E minor
Fuging tune
Time signature
Timothy Dwight, 1800

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This tune derives its name from three sources:

  1. The New York State Sacred Harp Convention, where it was first sung in a special post-convention impromptu session on September 30, 2012.
  2. New York City, my adopted hometown and singing community.
  3. New + York, insofar as I borrowed two sections of this tune from an earlier song of mine called York.

New York was sung at the 2012 Cork Alternate Sources Singing, as well as in London and Derby, UK. It appears in The Trumpet, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2013). It was also sung by The Art Mob in their Spring, 2013 concerts.


When men of mischief rise
In secret 'gainst the skies,
Thy hand shall sweep them to the grave;
And Oh! beyond the tomb,
How dreadful is their doom,
Where not a hand is reached to save.
Themselves their wiles shall snare;
The pits, their hands prepare,
Before their feet destruction spread;
The false plots they devise,
Their malice and their lies,
Shall fall with vengeance on their head.