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Out of the Deeps C.M.

By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

A minor
Time signature
Multiple modes of time
Isaac Watts, 1719

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Written between April and July, 2013, this setting of text taken from Isaac Watts' adaptation of Psalm 130 was performed by The Art Mob in their Winter, 2013 concerts. It also appears in The Trumpet, Vo. 4, No. 1 (2014).


Out of the deeps of long distress,
The borders of despair,
I sent my cries to seek Thy grace,
My groans to move Thine ear.

Great God, should Thy severer eye,
And Thine impartial hand,
Mark and revenge iniquity,
No mortal flesh could stand.

But there are pardons with my God
For crimes of high degree;
Thy Son has bought them with His blood,
To draw us near to Thee.

I wait for Thy salvation, Lord,
With strong desires I wait;
My soul, invited by Thy Word,
Stands watching at Thy gate.