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By Matthew Parkinson

Title Year Type Files First line
Annabel 86.86.86 2022 pdf A song of spring once more we sing
Lisnamurrican L.M. 2022 pdf When I survey the wondrous cross,
Blue Eve 11s 2021 pdf Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song,
High Hallelujahs 8s 2019 pdf As instruments well tun'd and strung,
Pray, brethren, pray! 2019 pdf Pray, brethren, pray!
St Cedd 8s & 7s 2019 pdf O may I worthy prove to see,
North Gantenbein L.M. 2018 Fuging tune pdf Hail, Plant renown'd! thy leaves how fair,
Absence C.M. 2017 pdf There is a fold whence none can stray,
Psalm 114 2017 Anthem pdf 1 When Israel came out of Egypt,
Worship the Lord P.M. 2017 pdf Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
Bermondsey S.M. 2016 pdf Your harps, ye trembling saints,
The Veil C.M. 2016 pdf The veil is rent; Lo! Jesus stands
New Life 7s 2015 Fuging tune pdf Gracious spirit, love divine,