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Chastisement L.M.

By William Cleary

A minor
Plain tune
Time signature
Elhanan Winchester, 1797


One for the shenandoah crowd perhaps. I've written in the sharps because I don't think it works without raised sixths.

The text is taken from Elhanan Winchester's Psalms. I came up with the tune before finding words to suit it: usually I work the other way round.


My God, I fain thy deeds would trace,
And with my lips declare thy grace;
Loud the glad song of triumph raise,
And God, Moft High, exulting praise.

Thy foes, Jehovah, flee away,
They stumble in the face of day;
Thou wilt them from the earth destroy,
They shall not see their Lord with joy.

Soon on his throne, my Lord shall sit,
And judge the nations at his feet;
My Lord shall fit upon his throne,
And all shall his uprightness own.

Thou wilt destroy all earthly pow'r,
And the unjust shall rule no more;
But in chastisement shall remain,
Through and beyond my Saviour's reign,

All persecutors shall be sent,
Where pain shall make them loud lament,
Where dire destruction shall subdue
And lay their proud rebellion low.