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By William Cleary

Title Year Type Files First line
Anthem on the Creator 2022 Anthem pdf In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.
Crimson L.M. 2022 Plain tune pdf O righteous God, thou judge supreme
Sepulchre L.M. 2022 pdf The Sepulchres, how thick they stand
Darkness P.M. 2021 pdf Pilgrims of the earth who roam,
Destruction S.M.D. 2021 Fuging tune pdf O foolish, senseless ones,
Epiphonema 10s & 11s 2021 Set piece pdf Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise;
Forlorn C.M. 2021 Plain tune pdf Why has my God my soul forsook,
Injustice 8s 2021 Fuging tune pdf Judges, who rule the world by laws,
Lustre 8s 2021 pdf Oft have I read the sacred book,
Olney New 8s & 7s 2021 pdf Full of trembling expectation,
Over L.M. 2021 Plain tune pdf The Lord proclaims his pow'r abroad
Pious Bands C.M. 2021 Gospel song + chorus pdf Lo! What an entertaining sight
Provision C.M. 2021 Plain tune pdf Save me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe;
Reviving Light S.M. 2021 Fuging tune pdf How heavy is the night
St Paul’s Hill L.M. 2021 Fuging tune pdf The praise of God shall fill my soul
The Blameless Walk L.M. 2021 Folk hymn + refrain pdf Who shall ascend the heav'nly place,
The Road from Idumea C.M.D. 2021 pdf What might man, or might God,
Thirty-Second S.M. 2021 Set piece pdf O blessed souls are they,
Wright 6s 2021 Fuging tune pdf Lord of the worlds above,
April Day 2020 Plain tune pdf Life is like an April day,
Arbury Court S.M. 2020 Part song pdf My God, to thee I call—
Carlton S.M.D. 2020 Fuging tune pdf Alas! my spirits sink!
Charity Hymn L.M. 2020 Fuging tune pdf Our Father God! who hear'st the cry
Durnford C.M.D. 2020 Part song pdf We view by faith the glorious day,
Elhanan’s Birthday L.M. 2020 Fuging tune pdf Thus far thy providential care
Forsook C.M. 2020 pdf The word of God appeared to me,
Holy Eye S.M.D. 2020 Fuging tune pdf The Father's holy eye
Jesus Green S.M. 2020 pdf We now with gladness tell
John 12:32 C.M. 2020 pdf And if I should be lifted up
John Beheld 6s 2020 pdf When favour'd John beheld
Orchard Park L.M. 2020 Fuging tune pdf I sing the majesty divine,
Parenthood L.M. 2020 pdf Ask, and it shall be given you;
The Dying Wife P.M. 2020 Plain tune pdf Beloved the hour has come--
The Magdalene C.M.D. 2020 Fuging tune pdf She cometh to the house of God,
Widowhood L.M.D. 2020 Part song pdf Let heav'n and earth united sing,
Wings of Love 6s 2020 Plain tune pdf God of the first grey dawn!
Wynbourne L.M. 2020 Plain tune pdf There's none so holy as the Lord,
Mournful Joy C.M.D. 2019 Fuging tune pdf Alas! I knew not what I did;
Oak of Weeping 2019 Anthem pdf Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, died,
Song of the Well C.M. 2019 Fuging tune pdf Spring up, O well! Sing unto it,
Boldness S.M. 2018 Fuging tune pdf Why do the gentiles rage?
Burrell’s Field S.M.D. 2018–21 Fuging tune pdf Our bodies soon must die,
Decatur L.M.D. 2018 pdf What! Never speak one evil word,
Gathergood C.M. 2018 Plain tune Beneath heaven's open azure dome,
Reproach C.M. 2018 Plain tune pdf Curs'd is the man who trusts in man
Seven Wells S.M. 2018 Fuging tune pdf Jesus, we thus obey
Susa Rejoices 2018 Anthem pdf Mordechai came out from the presence of the king,
Clare Chapel 7s 2017 Plain tune pdf Haste again, ye days of grace,


I discovered shapenote singing on YouTube in 2016, and started taking part in 2017. I started trying to write my own hymns later that year. In terms of texts, I’m most interested in using poetry by Christian Universalist hymn writers, who have largely been forgotten. Anthems are enjoyable to write too.

For my 25th birthday I went to the Wears Valley Convention, a 2-day convention using the New Harp of Columbia in East Tennessee. On the same trip I sung Christian Harmony in Athens, GA and Sacred Harp in Alpharetta, GA.

Outside of Sacred Harp I’m also into Irish traditional music: I play the guitar and tenor banjo, and enjoy writing dance tunes in that style as well.