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Forsook C.M.

By William Cleary

A minor
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Jeremiah 2:1, 5-13,


The text is my metrification of Jeremiah 2:1, 5-13.


The word of God appeared to me,
Rememb'ring Israel's youth:
How, in the desert, faithfully
We followed Him in truth.

"Your fathers, finding wrong in Me,
Abandoned all my word;
They were delusion's followers:
Delusion was their lord.

Your ancestors did not seek God
Who from th'Egyptian saved,
And in the land of plenty, they
Defiled My heritage.

The priests and rulers did not ask
'Where is the holy LORD?'
The prophets prophesied of Baal
And all forsook the Law.

Therefore I will accuse you still,"
Declares the LORD today,
"And with your children's children, I
Will yet contend the same.

To Kittim or to Kedar, go,
And try to find alike:
Has any nation changed its gods
Without a God in sight?

My people have their glory changed
For that which brings no gain.
O heavens, be appalled at this,
Be horrified and dazed."