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Strife C.M.

By William Cleary

C major
Plain tune
Time signature
Elhanan Winchester, 1797


This text is taken from part 4 of Elhanan Winchester's setting of Psalm 59. It doesn't seem to have much to do with the text of Psalm 59 so I expect it's a further reflection on the themes in the earlier parts.

The harmonies are non-canonical but there's no reason they would present a challenge for Sacred Harp singers.


My God, how awful 'tis to see
Disciples of the Lord,
Fond of oppression, hatred, strife,
Contrary to thy word.

Behold them on injustice bent,
And cloyed with filthy gain,
Loud murmurs mark their discontent,
In curses they complain.

Christians, for shame, your Lord obey,
By love his truth proclaim,
By words and actions own his sway,
Your lives should spread his fame.

Your refuge is the living God,
The Saviour in distress;
He is your strength, his praises sing,
Your Great Creator bless.

Jehovah our exalter is,
By him we live and move,
Source of our life, our peace, our power,
Immortal fount of love.